Charlotte #2 (ilovenerds) wrote in pussay_liquour,
Charlotte #2


I got so bored, that I started shit with people.

Ashalee5984: gosh i didn't mean to upset you
eyeh8charlotte: Uh.
Ashalee5984: im sorry
eyeh8charlotte: You didn't upset me.
Ashalee5984: then why did you just warn me like a million times
eyeh8charlotte: I only warned you twice.
eyeh8charlotte: LIKE TOTALLY
eyeh8charlotte: now piss off, you bible camp reject.

Ashalee5984's profile:

Areas of Interest? I'm one big ball of interest! Wooo!! Ok this field is just retarded. I don't wanna tell you what i'm interested in. If you need to know, you already know! muuuuhahahaha.

Now I lay me down to sleep, i praise the Lord my soul to keep and if I die before I wake, I praise the lord my soul to take, God Bless my mom, my daddy, my step daddy, my sister Alex, my brother Michael, my sister in law LeeAnn, my grandma, my grandpa, Bef, Ben, Marcus, Jen, my new friend Mike, Blythe (ha you saw that one coming), all the little kitties, Justin Timeberlake, my baby chihuahua's Brach, Sugar, and Rebel, , America... and all the little children of the world...Amen :-)
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