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05:30am 05/05/2004
  This is the funniest shit Bob has ever said to me:

TheDeepend Abyss: FUCK MY BELLY
Hope Destroys Us: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Hope Destroys Us: holy shit, thats nasty
TheDeepend Abyss: i like to munch on chub
TheDeepend Abyss: can i call you allen
Hope Destroys Us: sure
TheDeepend Abyss: ok ronald
Hope Destroys Us: thank you, boris becker
TheDeepend Abyss: boris and natasha from rocky and boulwinkle
TheDeepend Abyss: moose and squrel
Hope Destroys Us: haha
JesusIsAGimpyJoo: Hahaha
01:09pm 15/04/2004
  I'm going to the gynocologist. I'm scared.

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08:23pm 02/04/2004
  BiteME0w: askfjhadsklfjdzf
Justsk8in900: ?
BiteME0w: Let's cyber
BiteME0w: I like vegetables
Justsk8in900: ok
BiteME0w: '?
BiteME0w: Okay get going
BiteME0w: I'll let you start
Justsk8in900: ok im in your room and were makeing out
Justsk8in900: on your bed
BiteME0w: Where's the veggies?
Justsk8in900: on the tabl
BiteME0w: Mmmm what kinda veggies
Justsk8in900: carits
BiteME0w: Ooo
BiteME0w: I pick up a carrot
BiteME0w: I lick it very nicely
Justsk8in900: ok
BiteME0w: Then I ram it in your ass
BiteME0w: I almost tear you a new asshole
BiteME0w: Wow, your screaming is really turning me on
Justsk8in900: dude!!
BiteME0w: What?
BiteME0w: This is working for me
BiteME0w: Keep going
Justsk8in900: ok
Justsk8in900: ?
BiteME0w: GO!!!
BiteME0w: I'm wet
Justsk8in900: food wat the fuck
BiteME0w: The carrot is fun
BiteME0w: I'm sorry, I just like vegetables
Justsk8in900: ya?
BiteME0w: Yea
BiteME0w: h
BiteME0w: Keep going, how about a zucchini or a cucumber?
Justsk8in900: no dude
Justsk8in900: !!

BiteME0w: !!
BiteME0w: FINE!
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01:49am 01/04/2004
  I got so bored, that I started shit with people.

Ashalee5984: gosh i didn't mean to upset you
eyeh8charlotte: Uh.
Ashalee5984: im sorry
eyeh8charlotte: You didn't upset me.
Ashalee5984: then why did you just warn me like a million times
eyeh8charlotte: I only warned you twice.
eyeh8charlotte: LIKE TOTALLY
eyeh8charlotte: now piss off, you bible camp reject.

Ashalee5984's profile:

Areas of Interest? I'm one big ball of interest! Wooo!! Ok this field is just retarded. I don't wanna tell you what i'm interested in. If you need to know, you already know! muuuuhahahaha.

Now I lay me down to sleep, i praise the Lord my soul to keep and if I die before I wake, I praise the lord my soul to take, God Bless my mom, my daddy, my step daddy, my sister Alex, my brother Michael, my sister in law LeeAnn, my grandma, my grandpa, Bef, Ben, Marcus, Jen, my new friend Mike, Blythe (ha you saw that one coming), all the little kitties, Justin Timeberlake, my baby chihuahua's Brach, Sugar, and Rebel, , America... and all the little children of the world...Amen :-)
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you are nothing 
03:33pm 31/03/2004
  Lonely. It's what they call "independace."  
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